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Transmissions Northwest is a proud member and subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association.


Your transmission has many complex parts that must all work together perfectly. When these parts fail you will usually have warnings. One of them is dark transmission fluid. Another is a performance problem. Instead of a smooth, powerful transition from a standing top to highway speed, there may be slipping or interruptions in acceleration.

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  How Transmissions Work.


Transmissions will fail when parts grind together because of overheating or failure. In today's cars there maybe an electronic component that controls your automatic transmission which needs replacement or adjustment. A fluid leak can cause malfunctions in operation because of overheating and lack of viscosity for gears to function.

Any symptoms noted above must be addressed immediately to forestall progressive damage to the inner parts which could result in disassembly and rebuilding, an expensive process.


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